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PSA: Guadelope’s Tech Community rallies to help Map the “new” Dominica with drones

Thanks to a call from Mad(e)in TIC after the storm Erika in Dominica to all its partners, the West Indian digital industry associations : Gwadalug, GuadeloupeTech, the Association of Young Researchers in Guadeloupe, backed up by OpenStreetMap France and the digital agency of Île-de-France (Paris), La Fonderie, are standing together and organizing a group mission. In partnership with the local authorities, the purposes of this mission will be to : Map the "new" Dominica with drones and thus provide the government and the local stakeholders with a new, free, evolutive, and of course official, map. Deploy a radio network to link emergency teams with insulated populations. This device has been tested in March 2015 by the Gwadalug team, as part of the Caribe Wave exercise, a tsunami simulation, Establish a wireless internet bridge between Martinique and Dominica: initially planned as a life-size test for Caribe Wave 2016, this bridge will be created to ensure the resilience of communication networks. Another initiative, initiated by the association GuadeloupeTech, is to gather digital equipments such as computers, screens, etc. Of course, this material will be useful to us during our mission, but then, it will stay in Dominica to provide some places with IT equipments (schools, internet cafe) and reduce technological tenuousness. As in many other solidarity actions, we are also asking supporters to bring us food, clothes, hygiene products that will be delivered directly to the communities of Delices, La Plaine, Boetica, Petite Savane, with which Mad(e)inTIC regularly works If you prefer