Where do you get data for/from the Caribbean Region?

by Corbeaux, Editor of Disenfranchised Data

If you have ever tried to get data for or about the Caribbean region, you would find that, there is not one location for all the data, but an array of silos, where you then have to search and pick through to find the data you need.

Global Organizations with Caribbean Data

The World Bank- Latin America & Caribbean– Graph, map and compare more than 1,000 time series indicators from the World Development Indicators.

Open Data Soft– A Listing of open data portals around the world.

World Bank Open Data– Graphical representation of some basic data sets from the World Development Indicators

Caribbean Organizations that are data focused

The Caribbean Open Institute primarily a research and open data advocacy organization. No data can be found on this site, just publications on research and various news articles in relation to their work.

Caribbean Open Data Census– Project from the Caribbean Open Institute, has 27 Datasets for 25 Places

DevCa- Developing the Caribbean an event that is held annually in Jamaica, in conjunction with the Slash Roots Foundation. Usually lead by Matthew McNaughton. (currently this site gives a unsecured warning most likely an SSL issue)

CARICOM Regional Statistics– Economic and Social data in the areas of Balance of Payments, Government Operations, Consumer Price Indices, External Debt and more. ( Excel and Adobe format for download)

CARICOM Directory of National Statistical Office — Can not forget the old faithful Statistical Offices in this list for the good old paper based or unpublished data. These offices would most likely require you to fill out a request form to determine if you will be given access the data you seek.

Digital Data sources that was found for each Caribbean Island

This is a combination listing from international Open Data organizations as well as local Open Data Repositories. (Ordered from the north most island to the southern most island. )

Data for Bermuda:

Global Open Data Index- Bermuda — 29% open

Open Data Index- Bermuda

Data for Bahamas:

Global Open Data Index- Bahamas -11% open

Statistical Office for Bahamas

Data for Cuba:

Statistical Office of Cuba

Data for Cayman Islands:

Global Open Data Index- Cayman Islands — 30% open

Economics and Statistics Office

Data for Jamaica:

Global Open Data Index- Jamaica

Open Data Index- Jamaica

Jamaica’s Open Data Portal

Data for Haiti:

Open Data Index- Haiti

Statistical Office of Haiti

Data for Dominican Republic:

Global Open Data Index- Dominican Republic — 26% open

Open Data Index- Dominican Republic

Datos.gob.do -is the official open data portal of the government of the Dominican Republic.

National Bureau of Statistics- Dominican Republic

Data for Puerto Rico:

Global Open Data Index- Puerto Rico — 38% open

Puerto Rico Government Open Data Portal (English and Spanish)

Data for Anguilla

Anguilla Statistics Department

Data for British Virgin Islands:

Open Data Index- British Virgin Islands

Data for U.S. Virgin Islands:

Open Data Index- U.S. Virgin Islands

Data for Sint Maarten:

Department of Statistics- Sint Maarten

Data for St. Kitts and Nevis

Global Open Data Index- St. Kitts and Nevis — 7% open

Open Data Index- St. Kitts and Nevis

Data for Antigua & Barbuda:

Global Open Data Index- Antigua and Barbuda– 8% open

Data for Montserrat:

Open Data Index- Montserrat — 17% open

Data for Guadeloupe:

France open data site- Guadeloupe

Data for Dominica:

Global Open Data Index- Dominica– 27% open

Open Data Index- Dominica

DomiNode– Dominica’s public Geographic Information System (GIS) repository

Data for Martinique:

France open data site- Martinique

Data for Saint Lucia:

Global Open Data Index- Saint Lucia -27% open

Open Data Index- Saint Lucia

Global Open Data Index- Saint Lucia

Data for St. Vincent & the Grenadines:

Global Open Data Index- St. Vincent & the Grenadines — 14% open

Open Data Index- St. Vincent & the Grenadines

Statistical Office of St. Vincent & the Grenadines

Data for Barbados:

Global Open Data Index- Barbados– 11% open

Data for Grenada:

Global Open Data Index- Grenada– 15% open

Data for Trinidad and Tobago :

Global Open Data Index- Trinidad and Tobago

Open Data Index- Trinidad and Tobago

Data.tt– UWI published project for Open Data for Trinidad and Tobago

Government of Trinidad and Tobago — Open Data

Central Statistical Office- Trinidad and Tobago

Data for Aruba:

Global Open Data Index- Aruba — 13% open