In Startup Culture, Is there more than one way to win ?

In moving fast and breaking things, in doing things without asking permission, cos you know you can beg forgiveness after if needs be – remember this…karma never forgets an address. It maybe embedded part of the global startup culture, so if you are prepared to get back what it is you’ve put out there, as you do your thing!

But, before you leap, think for a minute and ask yourself – if what you’re about to do will get you what and where you want.

Are you running a sprint or in a marathon? Are you in it to win the perception game or to create impact and profit? Are you led by your values-driven or do you believe in kill or be killed

In becoming a successful entrepreneur, it’s never about playing it safe, that never wins any game, but seek to understand the potential of your decisions and prepare to handle what comes from them.

Choose your game and your lane wisely.