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1. The Facebook Algorithm changes as you know, has made the organic reach of your Facebook Page content fall off of a cliff. 

Why? Facebook is now the number one ad platform in the world with over 1 billion users….BUT of the 60 million business that have pages, only 4 million actively advertise. So what do you think they want to see happen?

Your job then, if you want to keep your community growing and your messaging growing is to- Do more Facebook Ads – create a monthly budget, cut your TV, Radio spend and put it here and do it consistently, not just for short campaigns. Period. It’s cheap, highly targeted and the ROI is still super high at the moment. So test, experiment and master this. And of course there has to be a strategy that drives this. Get this right this year and your brand and bottom line will thank you for it.

2. Facebook Pages. 
Your job now is to refocus on engaging and building your community. Go deeper and local to the people who are on your page….zone in on your regulars and really make them your brand’s true fans and evangelists.Yes it takes time. I didn’t say it would be easy, just necessary.

3. Content. Content. Content. 
Consistently Create Great Content. I can’t say this enough because so many brands are failing miserably at this. They are not creating the right content and definitely not marketing it as they ought to, when digital content and content marketing is at the core of any Digital Strategy.

– Facebook Posting – More ain’t better. The optimal amount of content posting on your Facebook Page is 3 times a day. If you don’t believe me, then you you have not checked your analytics lately.
– Facebook has prioritised live video for its newsfeed.
– Go BIG on more visuals/graphics…they are now trending neck and neck with video at this time. Quote cards are huge.
-Do more IG Stories the ROI is stunning for those who are consistent with their daily storytelling.

4. Note This Very Well
– Blogs and Podcasts- Media that You OWN – still rule. It’s always better when you own the playing field on which you’re playing.
– Facebook Messenger is the next big thing in Social Media big time.

My Sources:
Trendspotting online, Research, International Events I’ve attended, Blogs and Reports I read regularly, plus a crapload of data ingested these past 6mths.
And yes you can email me for further consultation or to book a customised trend briefing for your brand. ingrid at siliconcaribe dot com.