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How We Did it: Digicel, the Caribbean Brand with the largest FaceBook Fan Page Community

Digicel the seven year-old company which joined the Telecom game in Jamaica and the Caribbean as the mouth-watering buffet in front of a starving man, is now the Caribbean Brand with the largest Facebook Fan Page Community. They achieved the 100,000 Fan milestone on Tuesday March 16, 2010.  They celebrated

  • Dre

    A lot of their fans on their page is there for the free credit. Not that i’m saying that makes their growth any less amazing.

  • Lisa

    Good response to Sam, Ingrid. I was thinking the very same thing. How do you measure that print ad or TV commercial? There is no way of telling if your advertising is successful unless you have a specific call-to-action for a specific time.

    At the end of the day, it is all about engaging your customers and keeping in tune with your product and service. Social networking is here to stay and can be leveraged to a company’s advantage if used correctly.

  • jehnel

    im glad digicel is striving to the top, its always good to see a company excelling and giving back to its customers! go digicel

  • @Sam. ROI is the inevitable question I get regarding spend on Social Media. Then I always answer this with a question first…how do you measure you radio ads, your full page print ads and let’s not forget those television ads to determine ROI.

    The beautiful thing about the web is that it is transparentt. You can fake a fan count, you can’t fake customer engagement or customer interaction and custom response and those Insight analytics don’t lie. I keep saying this – Transparency is the new black.

    Companies can’t hide mediocre brands, products or service anymore – the consumer who’s now in charge and has more access to tools, to information, to experience that.

    But it begins with the question what is your reason for wanting to get into the social space? What do you want to achieve – brand awareness, brand equity, online community around your brand,market research for new or current products or research, for customer service.

    Additionally remember once you build a community of engaged and excited fans, once you build that relationship it is easy for you to drive them to your store to your website with remarkable offers, fresh products that connect with them etc….

  • @ROry, it’s all about consistency and constant and never ending intercaction – listening, responding, giving in social media. Strategy and time commitment that’s what makes companies successful in this space.

  • Yes it is David. So let’s see how the other companies bring it!

  • Definitely impressive

  • Nice interview,
    Its amazing to see Digicel’s social presence in Jamaica. Digicel is really miles ahead of the competition. To see interaction and little giveaways every day on their Facebook/ Twitter really shows how serious they are.

  • Its good to see digicel making its mark in social media.

    My question is, how do they measure the results of the work done through social media? Do they see a direct increase in sales and customer loyalty through the promotions and activities online? I always like to see measurable results.

    Some organizations are not interested in investing time or money in social media because there doesn’t seem to be a way of measuring the results. Does Digicel have methods of collecting that type of data?

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