What to expect from SiliconCaribe.com in 2012

We kicked off 2012 by  defining Silicon Caribe “Where is Silicon Caribe and how do you get there? and hence the name of this blog. We delcared that ” we can now dub SiliconCaribe a place – a region, home to our Caribbean Tech Startups and established Tech Companies – our Caribbean Tech Community and growing industry.  It’s a name we’ve precociously given to our blossoming Caribbean Tech industry, a blossoming culture of entrepreneurship and innovation.”

We’ve also shared that a major focus of ours from here on in is to put a face to the growing Caribbean Tech Community worldwide. Who is Silicon Caribe? We’re Putting a Face to the Caribbean Tech Community.  So what else can you expect from us this year? Here it is in a nutshell.

We’re going to be leveraging our network and investigative skills so expect more breaking news and exclusive interviews. We’ll also be deleting what we’ve seen to be the least appealing categories and adding some fresh ones, we’ll be revealing those over the next couple of weeks. Also, watch for our special reports and series that are topic specific.

You’ll be seeing this new category called SC Byte- this is where we’ll selectively take a paragraph of news that matters from other sources, add no more than two sentences of our analysis and link you to the longer story if you want to know more. We’ll keep it updated as often as possible.

Additionally, you will be seeing a bit more opinionated posts from me and a few guest bloggers, yep we have lots to say and we know you’ll want to chime in too. All in all, as we approach out 1,000th blog post, we’re going to have more fun, get better over time at being the go to site, when you want to know what Caribbean people and companies are doing online and with technology.