Grenada launches business grants for innovators and entrepreneurs at CARCIP Awareness Day

CARCIP Awareness Day

CARCIP Awareness Day

Innovators and entrepreneurs in Grenada will soon benefit from a suite of new grant funding opportunities.

The Grenada Ministry of Communications, Works, Physical Development, Public Utilities, ICT and Community Development will launch the business grants and outline the application process at an event called CARCIP Awareness Day.

“Innovative firms and individual drive new products, processes and services that create growth and employment. Innovation boosts productivity, which is the key to faster economic growth and rising living standards,” said Alice Bain, who coordinates the Caribbean Regional Communications Infrastructure Program (CARCIP) in Grenada.

Google, Netflix to join Caribbean Internet service providers for historic gathering

internet-03If you live in the Caribbean, you don’t need to be a computer expert to know that the region’s Internet services need to improve.
If your connection falters so often that you’ve long since stopped calling customer service for redress, then you’ve got a pretty good idea about the challenges of regional connectivity.

Or if you’ve ever tried to launch a web-based startup, but have found yourself at a competitive disadvantage simply because download or upload speeds aren’t cutting it, then you have already have a decent grasp of why the region needs more robust Internet infrastructure.

No further expertise needed.

Of course, fixing the underlying issues that cause those problems is another matter, requiring technical expertise, commerce negotiations and a healthy dose of good old-fashioned collaboration.

App marketing for cash-strapped developers

caribbean startups

caribbean startups

STARTUPS – With millions of apps and hundreds of thousands of app developers out there, it can be difficult for any developer to get their app noticed.

Today’s app developer has to have a clear marketing plan if they are to gain visibility amidst the clutter in the app stores. Although a decent advertising budget can bring more exposure, not all developers have the luxury of budgets or cash flow for a marketing campaign.

US mobile company launches Cuba phone service

boost-mobileMOBILE NEWS – The US-based Boost Mobile telecommunications company, which is part of Sprint Corp., has launched a pre-paid phone service plan for US customers who want to call or send text messages to Cuba, following steps by Washington to ease restrictions on the Caribbean nation.

Last month, another US-based company, IDT Corporation, reached an accord with Cuba’s ETECSA Telecommunications Company to offer direct long-distance phone services.Boost Mobile is offering a pre-paid mobile phone plan without the need for a long-term contract, Cubadebate reported.

The plan costs $50 dollars, which the company described as being the lowest minute-based tariff for pre-paid operators to call Cuba, including unlimited text messages. More

The Inter-American Development Bank Launches its Open Data Portal: Numbers for Development

opendataTECH NEWS – The Inter-American Development Bank announced today the launch of its new open data portal Numbers for Development, which allows users to explore, visualize and download data from Latin America and the Caribbean. The data comes from diverse research analysis and sources used by the Bank to generate knowledge for its development interventions.

Operators ink MoU to create first IXP in Belize

ixpsTECH NEWS- Telecoms operators in Belize have signed a Memorandum of Understunding (MoU) to create the country’s first local internet exchange point (IXP), Trinidad Guardian reports. Participating companies include Alliance IP, Belize Telemedia, BroadBand Belize, Centaur Communications Corporation, Network Solutions, NetKing Solutions and Speednet. IXPs in the Caribbean are located in Barbados, Trinidad & Tobago, British Virgin Islands, Curacao, Dominica, Grenada, Haiti, St Maarten, St Lucia and the Dominican Republic. More

Jamaica And The Internet: Where Are We Now?

ID-100172648OPINION: On Wednesday, April 15, the World Economic Forum (WEF) published the 2015 edition of the Global Information Technology Report (GITR), which features the latest iteration of the Networked Readiness Index. This assesses the factors, policies and institutions that enable a country to fully leverage information and communication technologies (ICT) for increased competitiveness and well-being.

DevCa winners point the way for Caribbean entrepreneurs

TECH CONFERENCE - THE top-placed team in the Developing the Caribbean (DevCa) 2015 Code Sprint Competition has developed an application to help potential entrepreneurs access information and resources critical to their development.

Nicholas Williams and Akua Walters of ‘Team Ambisie/Ambition’ proudly presented their ‘App’ at an awards ceremony at Mona School of Business and Management (MSBM), University of the West Indies (UWI), on March 23.

The competition was held during the DevCa regional technology development conference, March 5-6 at the UWI.

The conference was hosted by DevCa and Caribbean Mobile Innovation Programme (CMIP) — a part of the US$20-million Entrepreneurship Programme for Innovation in the Caribbean (EPIC) funded by the Government of Canada and executed by InfoDev/World Bank.  More

Top Teams in Jamaica’s Hacking Generation Y


The Winning Team: Shumba Brown, Gavin Smith, Howard Johnson and Dane Edwards

TECH NEWS - Four students from the Jamaica College (JC) emerged winners of the first Hacking Generation Y hackathon held in Jamaica, with their creation of an app, which aims to simplify the career selection process for students.

The students: Shumba Brown, Gavin Smith, Howard Johnson and Dane Edwards of the team, Code Veterans, were the leaders in the 30-hour hackathon organised by Jadan Johnson, CEO of the Vybz Media Group, which took place at Start-Up Jamaica, located in the Jamaica National Building Society (JNBS) offices in downtown Kingston, between April 11 and 12.

Dominican SMEs to benefit from Banco Popular and PayPal partnership

PayPal-logo-onlyMOBILE PAYMENTS -  Banco Popular, Dominican Republic’s biggest bank and online payment leader PayPal on Monday announced an agreement aimed at promoting competitiveness among Dominican SMEs, which can now withdraw payments received in their PayPal account.

The partnership, the first in the country between a bank and the online payment service, brings SMEs and other Dominican companies closer to consumers around the world, with a cheap, simple and secure mechanism to directly deposit in a Popular account in pesos or dollars, the funds obtained through the PayPal platform.

Until now Dominican users in the country had to have a US bank account to make international transfers and withdraw funds from PayPal. More

Cybersecurity incidents jump 66% from 2009 to 2014

The human element remains the “weakest link” in cybersecurity for local businesses and requires a more robust suite of security awareness programs for the country’s workforce, according to Deputy Director of Information Technology (IT) for the National Insurance Board (NIB) Dr. Raymond Wells. More