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Top 10 Facebook Marketing Resources for Caribbean brands

In September 2007 I could count on my right hand, the amount of Jamaican Facebook groups that existed. Fast forward to now, just over a year later and they are now numbering in the high hundreds and Caribbean people at home and abroad have been pouring online in tens of

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  • Hey Orlando, dude, there is SOOOOOOO much you can do on Facebook it’s amazing, some of which are not commonly known if you do not take the time to really delve in, test and observe. And yes Friend Feeds are one of the easiest way to promote your brand in a subtle, non spam-like manner once done well. I will consider it for a post.

  • Thanks Karen, glad you found it useful. Do pass the information along to your friends.

  • This was great post Ingrid! I hoped you would spend some time on using feeds in Facebook to promote brand. Maybe that can be your next post. πŸ™‚

  • As a newbie to Facebook and a Freelance Web Designer I have been coming across quite a few articles talking about the use of Social Networking and Marketing. This is one of the most useful ones I have come across because you took the time to include resources for your readers. Thank you and keep up the good work!