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What Can a Facebook Fan Page do for Brand Jamaica ?

I'm Jamaican and am always searching for things Jamaican and Caribbean on the social networks that I'm a member of. So Facebook is no different. One of those searches yielded a link to a Fan Page branded simply Jamaica under the travel category. It has 35,045 fans from across the

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  • Great Jeremy, much success to you on your venture. It is a great time to innovative. Looking forward to hearing about your remarkable product.

  • Jeremy

    Hi, Came on this is a search for Brand Jamaica, as my wife and I are making pland to start up our sauce business again, with hopes of creating an overseas market, so trying to find out as much as possible about online marketting

  • You are welcome Donna. LEt me know how it goes.

  • Donna Baines

    EXCELLENT EXCELLENT!!!!! Many thanks for this artical today. I needed some help on a Jamaican branding decision today…and boy did this more than help. PERFECT!!!!!

    Many thanks



    Ms Riley, I am fine. Thanks for asking. Hopefully, everything is copasetic regarding you. Nuff respect!!

  • Ingrid your posts are always insightful and on point. I am taking notes and using your tips.

  • Thanks alot Esteban…how are things with you?


    Great post Ms. Riley! Hopefully, it will impact on Jamaican companies!! Nuff respect!!

  • Very insightful as usual Ingrid. As you know I virtually (pardon the pun) hang on to every word you utter about technology in the Caribbean. I am in total agreement with you and with @Coionline in hoping that Jamaican businesses will pay more attention to this

  • @Coionline. I do hope Jamaican companies read this. I’ve spread it around and syndicated it as well.Gotta keep pricking them all Jamaican and Caribbean companies wherever they are in the world. They will get on it. In fact I’ve been witnessing a few Jamaican brand using social media…primarily Facebook…i’d love to know what’s their rationale, strategy, expectations of success…yeahhh an idea for a few more posts.

  • now that’s an excellent question and begins with the reason for you creating either. I will publish a post on that tomorrow. Facebook Page vs Facebook Group. Watch for it.

  • whats the advantage of a fb page over a fb group?

  • Great post Ingrid….I really hope that the Jamaican companies are reading this, its very difficult for you to get them to realize the potential that exist from online marketing…Keep fighting the fight Ingrid…