TOP 5 Gifts for the Bookophile

by Bookophilia
Well we all know the obvious choices – books, books and more books – can’t go wrong there! But outside of new books, coffee-table books and even classic vintage editions that can be found in our rare books section – what else can you get for the Bookophile in your life? We have a few suggestions…

#1: The Lit Wit Trivia Game
If you’re a true book lover and voracious reader, Lit Wit is the game for you. Lit Wit is a fast and fun trivia game for adults, that increases your book knowledge. Great to play when your Book Club meets!
*The Lit Wit game is available at Bookophilia

#2: Noise Canceling Headphones
Now for those Bookophiles who love to listen to their audio books, plug in these exclusive low profile Noise Cancelling Ear Buds into your MP3 player, put the comfortable silicone ear cushions in your ears, and instantly your world becomes a quieter place. No more dogs barking, traffic noise or jet engines to compete with your book. You will get the full dynamic range of your favorite author’s voice, crystal clear and uncluttered by life’s unwanted noise.

#3: The Google Nexus Smartphone
Well this is just an excuse to use the Google Book store on a Google device! With over 1.5 million public domain books in the US (and over half a million outside the US) now available for perusing, what better to view them on than the Google Nexus? Using the Google books mobile app, you can search for a title, author, or subject. Or you can browse the list of “Featured books” and various categories like business and economics, the classics, science and math, travel and more, on one of the coolest devices out.

#4: Weekend Retreat at Jakes
Great gift for a Bookophile? A weekend at Jake’s. This boutique hotel exudes personality and charisma. With 31 secluded cottages and 29 rooms nestled on the south coast of Jamaica, its perfect for a romantic getaway, family adventure or a relaxing book retreat! Now a booking in May is a great gift – timed just right to coincide with Calabash, the Literary Festival – but really it would be great at any time of year. Two full days of reading bliss! Now that’s how I spell relaxation.

#5: The Kindle 3G
Now we couldn’t end this list without mentioning our top gift for the Bookophile this season – the Amazon Kindle. Amazon has a selection of books, magazines, newspapers, and blogs available for the Kindle and it has its own free of charge form of wireless communication – so you don’t need to hunt for a WiFi hotspot. You can email your Word documents to the Kindle and the device can even play MP3s, which means you can listen to your audiobooks. It can also read free ebooks from various sources. Another big selling point is the ability to read a chapter for free before committing to a purchase and the ability to increase the font size. All in all – a great gift!
The Kindle 3G is available at Bookophilia Online Shopping Guide Jamaica

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