Top 5 Places to Buy Dancehall/Reggae Music Online

by Dancehall.Mobi and Top5Jamaica.Com

1. iTunes –  These days, iTunes is the first stop for local and international dancehall/reggae producers who’re looking to sell their music online. From small/independent artistes/producers who’re self-publishing, to monolithic record companies, iTunes offers a comprehensive database of new and old dancehall/reggae singles, EPs, compilations and albums for sale in digital download format.

2. Amazon – as with iTunes above, Amazon offers a comprehensive one-stop shop for anything dancehall/reggae related, with a special section that’s dedicated to the genre. Most notable about Amazon is its extensive variety of formats – digital download, CD, vinyl and even cassette for some older titles. Amazon has been online since all the way back in 1995, thus it has an amazing archive of titles that other online retailers such as iTunes find hard to match.

3. VP Records’ Online Store – Planet Reggae is the online store for VP Records, the largest independent reggae record label. Through its various label imprints including VP Records, 17 North Parade and Greensleeves, VP Records controls a significant chunk of the distribution rights for many new and vintage dancehall/reggae tracks/albums. Their online store offers a mix of digital download, CD and DVD options.

4. Ernie B’s Reggae – For old and hard-to-find dancehall/reggae titles in CD and vinyl format, there’s one place online that’s almost guaranteed to have what you seek and more, and that’s Ernie B’s Reggae Store.

5. Rhapsody –  – after the two ‘majors’ (iTunes and Amazon), Rhapsody is your next best option. Online Shopping Guide Jamaica

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