Top 5 Gifts For The Gadget Freak

2010 was a great year in tech! We saw remakes of old favourites & the releases of new & impressive droid, more tablet & mobile technology. With that in mind, unless the gadget freak on your Christmas list makes it severely clear as to what they want, you can surely anticipate some difficulties in picking “the perfect gift”.

With that in mind, let’s give you some ideas. Here are the top 5 gifts for the gadget freak; based on customer input:

1. Apple iPad or Blackberry Torch: The iPad is a tablet computer, particularly marketed as a platform for audio & visual media such as books, periodicals, movies, music, & games, as well as web content. The BlackBerry Torch 9800 is a 2010 model in the BlackBerry line of Smartphones. It combines a physical QWERTY keyboard with a sliding multi-touch screen display & runs on the latest BlackBerry OS 6.

2. Apple iPhone 4: The iPhone 4 is a slate Smartphone developed by Apple. It is the fourth generation of iPhone, & successor to the iPhone 3GS. It is particularly marketed for video calling, consumption of media such as books & periodicals, movies, music, & games, & for general web & e-mail access.

3. Kinect for Xbox 360: Kinect is a “controller-free gaming & entertainment experience” by Microsoft for the Xbox 360 video game platform. Based around a webcam-style add-on peripheral for the Xbox 360 console, it enables users to control & interact with the Xbox 360 without the need to touch a game controller, through a natural user interface using gestures, spoken commands, or presented objects & images.

4. Nintendo Wii: The Wii is a home video game console released by Nintendo. A distinguishing feature of the console is its wireless controller, the Wii Remote, which can be used as a handheld pointing device & detects movement in three dimensions.

5. Any full spec’d laptop: “Full spec’d laptop” here is referring to any laptop that has the ability to handle just about whatever kind of task you throw at it; be it as simple as word processing or as resource consuming as graphic design &/or high-end gaming. For these purpose, individuals prefer to have systems with at least 4GB’s or RAM, 2GHz dual core processor, 320GB hard drive, 15.6” HD display & a version of Microsoft Windows 7.
Product descriptions courtesy of Online Shopping Guide Jamaica

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