What is F-Commerce?

Given that there are over 550 million active users on Facebook and now tens of thousands of small to large, world known and niche business there too, a large chunk of e-commerce’s future is extremely likely to lie with Facebook. With had a billion people on this platform any e-commerce or marketing professional should be chomping at the bit to seize the opportunity, get engaged and start selling.

Disney has sold cinema tickets for Toy Story 3 across Facebook and Procter & Gamble has reportedly dipped its toe into f-commerce, including setting up an impromptu store to make the most of the Old Spice buzz. NineWest is also toying with an f-commerce store. Kudos for these guys taking the first steps into relatively unchartered territory. Yet for Jamaican and Caribbean businesses it’s not so risky at all. It’s relatively cost-effective, quick and easy to set up an f-commerce platform within a Facebook account, especially when third-party solutions such as bigcommerce.com will make it really easy for you.

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